Safety Whistle

Nonprofit/Fundraising Purchases


We can imprint our SAFETY WHISTLES with your logo or Website with orders of 300 or more!

Eureka High School has chosen our whistle to sell as a fund raiser for them in November. Many Schools, Churches, Clubs, have decided to sell products that have a safety value attached to them. Because our whistle is a newly released high tech safety product that can be used by everyone it makes a great gift. This safety whistle is a must for everyone making it a very easy fund raiser product. We can imprint your logo on our safety whistle. Most groups choose bright safety orange whistles with their logo or name imprinted on it. We have special pricing for nonprofit organizations who wish to use our products to raise money. For receiving more information on nonprofit prices please call or e-mail us with your nonprofit name, phone number, address and contact person.

Or print out ORDER FORM or Call Us: (408) 378-0700

Arm your family with something that can save their lives!
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