Safety Whistle
Corporate/Government Purchases

We can imprint our SAFETY WHISTLES with your logo or Website with orders of 300 or more!

Corporations are purchasing our newly released safety whistle to give to their employees as a holiday corporation gift. Many corporations are implementing safety programs on site to help ensure the safety of all employees. Every desk should have our safety whistle taped underneath it in case of earthquake or other emergency in the office. Many employees work in areas of buildings where they are alone at any given time. Employees should have one whistle on their person at all times. Workman Comp. Managers/Risk Managers feel this whistle is an important safety tool for employees going to and from work. Corporations have had employees attacked in their parking lots. We have been taking orders from Hospitals, Silicon Valley High Tech companies, Universities, Real Estate Agencies etc.

This whistle also makes an excellent corporation gift to give to other businesses. For example your name, logo or website can be imprinted on our whistle then given out as a marketing tool to your customers, at trade shows etc.. Your customer will attach this whistle to their key chain and remember your company every time they use their keys.

Please call or e-mail for information on pricing of orders over 100. If you choose under 100 whistles then order on individual/family form.

Or print out our ORDER FORM or Call Us: (408) 378-0700

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